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This page is a starter point.

Apple IIgs

  • Four disk drives available

Apple Mac LC II

Apple iBook G3

  • Missing keyboard
  • Missing power supply

IBM XT 286

  • Needs an OS disk and/or hard drive
  • MDA monochrome monitor
  • Upgrades
    • 386SX
    • 4MB
    • AMI 1995 BIOS

Sharkey says:

The XT was updated somewhere.. It’s running a 386SX with 4mb mem, common upgrade for those machines. American Megatrends BIOS 1995-6’ish. So for historical context it’s not a “real” XT… Good case though, we’ve even put fast 486’s in those back in the day. Kinda miss the big power switch on the side with the positive click sound to it.

Kaypro II

PC Clone – Tower

  • Model BG85-V433S with AOpen badge
  • Was setup at denhac at some point
  • 50MHz 486DX2 skt3
  • Fully loaded with hardware suitable for gaming
  • Boots to DOS with extender and TSRs
  • Windows NT 3.1
  • Needs serial mouse

PC Clone – Desktops

  1. Small Beige – Premier 286 Celebrity
    1. Dual 3.5″ floppy
    2. 525MB drive
    3. NiCd clock battery is leaking and starting to damage the motherboard
  2. Medium Beige – Professional Technologies Unitron
    1. 486SX-25
    2. 85MB drive
    3. CD-ROM & 3.5″ floppy drives
  3. Large BeigeĀ – Premier 1400
    1. 286 12MHz
    2. 45MB drive
    3. Needs RAM

SGI Indigo 2

  • Needs stuff to test
    • Display: 13W3-M adapter and maybe a video converter
    • Input: PS/2 mouse and keyboard
  • Has external SCSI

TI 99/4A

Toshiba Libretto


Wyse WY55

  • Terminal
  • Currently setup to use with a RPi running getty and USB serial
  • Flip on, the user was pi, the password is the same as the wifi

Wyse WY50

  • Terminal
  • Needs a serial connection to something
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