Hackerspace Etiquette


A good place to start for general questions would be by emailing contact@denhac.org. Just asking around the space is a great way to get information about denhac or about specific projects going on.

  1. This hackerspace belongs to YOU. Improvements, participation, and community projects are welcome and encouraged.
  2. Do not take items from the “do not hack” shelves.
  3. Put your name on your stuff, no exceptions! Unlabeled materials and equipment are fair game. If you want to claim an item for a project, put your name on it and store in a plastic bin in member storage. If your name isn’t on it, there’s a good chance it will become quickly repurposed. We’ve got plenty of tape, markers, label makers, etc., so please ask if you can’t find what you need.
  4. Projects left out and unlabeled are available to other members to claim. Put your stuff away!
  5. Please do not take tools home with you.
  6. If you borrow a book, return it when you are done.
  7. You’re welcome to come and go at all hours, but no living/sleeping at the space or in the parking lot.
  8. We rely on dues and donations to keep the space up and running. Remember; the space has to pay rent and other bills. This includes oddball crap like mandated compliance with fire safety (extinguishers) and other stuff most of us do not think about. Most of what we have is free for members to use, unless otherwise marked. If you use a lot, please chip in so we can restock.
  9. Tell a Manager when we’re out of or running low on something (such as 3D printer filament or other consumables). We may not already know.
  10. If you’re in a hurry and can’t wait, ask a Manager ahead of time if you can get reimbursed for a consumable expense. Be prepared to bring us a receipt if we approve.
  11. Ask questions and share knowledge.
  12. Don’t set the space on fire.
  13. Feel free to use the members storage shelves, but don’t take up more space than your fair share.
  14. Wear the appropriate protective gear for the task you are performing.


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