Board Minutes 2016-08-16

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 08-02-2016

Chairman Report – Nothing to report

Vice Chair – Nothing to report

Secretary – Nothing to report

Treasurer – Will report when he gets back from… where ever he is.

Internal Affairs – Robotics leagus is having its first event on First Friday this Friday. Hack Denhac day has a real dirty room now. With a bench and an official flammables cabinet! Justin has been tasked with getting rid of old servers and switching equipment that we’re not using.

External Affairs – Not here.

Classes – Heidi taught last coding class. Great successes. She’s coordinating speakers/teachers. Sockwell teaching a ZFS class 8/20

Website – being moved external for now

3D printing – Still only have one printer that works. Now have a laptop with all software pre-loaded on it.

Grendel – Keep? Not keep? KEEP! Grendel will be registered by the end of next week. Next project after that is to figure out the transmission issue. Then it’s going to get some NEW ART.

Infrastructure – LDAP will be up by end of this month. Nothing seems to be affected by the power issues from earlier this week.

Treasurer – Digi has met with Mary and discussed expectations and… ‘requirements’. Mary accepts. All in attendance vote in favor. Bill also voted for. It is done. Mary is new Treasurer. Digi is a free elf.

Intel America’s Greatest Makers TV Show/Contest –

Recycling – We’re going to start marking electronic recycling things for Bill to pick up with big R in red spray paint. Beware: CRTs cost money.

Denhac Down Range Day – High level overview of what is the tentative plan: Two-part whole day shooting experience. One day to build target holder(s). 1st phase: gun owners/experienced shooters have some time to shoot. 2nd phase: people learning to shoot for the first time or inexperienced. Right now getting a list together of the guns that will be available for BYOA(Bring Your Own Ammo). Bill will recycle spent casings. Possibility of rolling Archery into this day? Thoughts? Interest?

More effort to be put in to labelling things that are property of denhac vs things that are free to use for projects. Going to start enforcing banker boxes for member storage and labelling for larger projects that do not fit into a banker box.

Closed session.

Meeting Adjourned.

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