Board Minutes 2016-12-06

Denhac Board Meeting


Chair – Nothing to report

Vice Chair – Nothing to report

Secretary – Nothing to report

Internal Manager Report – Dirty room is clean. Thanks Phil! Bunch of classes postponed to next month: tshirts, robots, leatherworking, photography, cosplay, laser, 3D printing…

External Manager Report – May be switching wifi config from managed by ‘the ISP’ to managed by us.

We are locked out of prox card system. Need to get access back. Is in everyones best interest.

About to purge next sert of inactive members. Digi to send lordspeed list of users to be purged.

Treasurer – TBC, treasurer(s) were out of town. Still computing.


LPFM – Bug fixes.

Grendel – Next step likely to go to Matts house to get paperwork for Grendel. Not responsive to other forms of communication.

Policy for Minors – Tabled for now.

Floor – Dirty room floor is done and looking good.;)

CNC Update – It runs! Small problem with end stops. It will go. You can use it if youre willing to take responsibility for the parts you break. Caleb will show you how. You have to watch it the whole time. Will soon be upgrading where it will be much harder to break.


Safety – No longer Safety 3rd. Now…Safety 2nd? Safety inspection this weekend. Maybe get insurance or some other inspector to come in and do a fire inspection?

Missing Spray Paint – Paint Found. Non-issue.

Another inop 3D printer – 10x8x8. Gets power. Past that…?

Nation of Makers – 2 of the 3 people we voted for the board, made it on the board. Hooray!

Stuff LS forgot? – Nothing mentioned.

Regular meeting adjourned.

Executive session.

Board Minutes 2016-11-01

Denhac board meeting 11-1-16

Officer reports

Chair – Voting is tonight!

Vice Chair – MIA RIP

Ssecretary – Nothing to report

Treasurer – No numbers to report

Manager Reports

Director of Internal Affairs – Thank you to everyone who came out for hack denhac day. Thank you to Phil for organizing and re-doing the whole space. Soda machine is fixed. Again. If you have any problems, advise Robb. Classes are coming online soon. Every other Thursday starting in Jan, cosplay classes. Rebooting robot classes. Saturday sewing class before the end of the year. Karen made two denhac shirts. She’s going to do a class on t-shirt making. Tandy leather is going to teach a leatherworking class. Laser cutter and 3D printer classes in the works. Potential for field trip this weekend (museums). Active email thread discussing it. Network status: Eric is working on the website. Holidays: do we want to start classes now or wait throught the holidays? Gizmo Dojo got keys to their new place. Nation of makers about to launch on 15th of Nov, wants people to write letters. First Friday is this Friday. Be there. Radio station wants to live broadcast from here.

Director of External Affairs – Radio station will become less of a focus. Did a presentation at turing school of software and design. They are going to design a front end for the station. Public can upload music/content to get into rotation.


LPFM Update. Covered in External Affairs

Denhac downrange day (D3) – It was a success. Want to do quarterly. Last location was hard to access. Nobody died or even got shot.

Grendel – Attempts to contact who we think has grendel paperwork have been not been responded to.

CNC – Is it working? No. How much to fix it? $210 Vote: assuming we have the funds to buy this product, do we want to? Unanimous yes of board members in attendance.

Policy for minor members/guests – Tabled still. Need more data!

Infrastructure – If youre interested in working on the network see Robb after the voting.


Hack the Floor – Phil – Waiting on OMF to give the final OK.

Promote denhac via free membership – Concerns about how to disable the access after the promotional period and the person doesn’t continue membership. Also we were previously not in a position to take money from the bottom line. Use to have to ask members for extra money for large bills. We are coming to a place where this is becoming a possibility.

Lost and found – Stuff in lost and found at the end of the month (during hack denhac) gets thrown away or absorbed. Please check the lost and found all the time!

DOM is having their membership meeting on the 16th. Denhac has an organizaton membership. If you want to go, get in contact with Digi.

Executive session.

In executive session board voted to ban member Mackenzie/Cowow indefinitely. Decision was unanimous among board members in attendance.

Board Minutes 2016-10-04

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes


Chair – Nothing to report

Vice Chair – Nothing to report

Secretary – Nothing to report

Treasurer – We have money! Yay! Increasing 3 – 4 members per month for the last few months. Have lost a few members too. Net positive. Internet and rent will be one bill soon. New signs on the other side of the coke machine. No more opening the soda machine!!!! So we can keep track of monies.

Internal Business Managerf – Things are running well. This weekend is NoCo. Need people to volunteer and arrange transportation for equipment to and from event. Load in is 4pm Friday Load out is Sunday at 5pm. Possible Denhac, LPFM, OMF collaboration for a Halloween event: War of the Worlds broadcast over air. 2 weeks after NoCo – Saturday meeting to go over fundraiser ideas and grant stuff.

External Business Manager – Internet bill – potentially owe 3 months of internet. Digi doing some tabulations and will get back to us if something is really different than expected. ISP is in process of reworking network. OMF is working on a support contract. Has anyone moved any switches or gear from server room upstairs?


LPFM – Radio station has interns. Radio approver class just happened. Class coming up is programming class. Denhac has 4 slots for members to take classes.

Website – Dev site is up. Have many interested parties working on site. Should be really good by NoCo.

D3 – Denhac Downrange Day10/15/16. Two parts of day: 1st half of day – experienced shooters; 2nd half of day – n00bs and experienced shooters will teach the n00bs. BYOA (bring your own ammo). Will send out list of ammo to purchase.

Grendel – cannot keep its fluids to itself. 🙁

Infrastructure – Robert has switches; they need to be config.

CNC – Caleb killed VFD (variable frequency drive). Bad Caleb. No plan for replacement at this time. New computer is working. Cost to replace: ??? Short term plan: fix old one. Long term plan: replace with better one. Caleb also broke Z drive. Need approval to buy some parts (about $100).

MeetUp WePay – Need to meet with Mark about what it is and how to manage money flowing through it.Laz0rz – Rob has a lazor. Its set up in the space and usable. It has been used. Does denhac want to buy it. Rob spent ~$1200. We have money is reserves to buy it. Damon recommends some upgrades that are reasonable/doable. Finance peeps approve the purchase (outright). Put to board vote: all in favor of purchasing lazor. YAY WE HAVE A LAZOR AGAIN.

Borg – Its ownership is not disputed. Item resolved.

Policy for minors as members – Revisit next meeting. More stuff to review.


3D printing – We have 3 printers. Do we want to take the three piles of printer things plus some monies ($200), and trade it for a lulzbot mini? Person making this offer is going to refurb the three piles of printer and sell them. If he can sell them and recoup the $200, we don’t have the pay. All who are in the know think it is a good idea. We have the funds to make this happen. Person wanting the monies doesnt want the monies until after they sell the refurb printers. Put to board vote: Allin favor of trade + $.

Free software – Member suggested some free softward but we have to be a registered FabLab. Caleb suggested which is free always for all people.

Times of events – Robb suggests standardizing the times that events start to 7pm and changing the day of the week of the board meeting.

Board vote on changing the date of the week of the board meeting: In favor of changing board meeting day of the week: 3 Opposed to changing board meeting day of the week: 4

Rob suggested changing date of open house. Nobody seconded the motion.

Changing/standardizing the times that events start to 7pm: In favor of changing all events to 7pm: 3 All in favor of leaving the schedule as it is now: 4

We still need to make sure all events are the same across meetup, google calendar, etc.

Phil wants to hack the floor. Does the board oppose? Gray epoxy. Waiting on written approval from OMF to change floors before giving greenlight.

Executive session.

Board Minutes 2016-09-06

9-6-16 Denhac Meeting Minutes

Officer Reports

Chair – Nothing

Vice Chair – 2nd to last meeting before he goes away. Still hammering out details for denhac mega room at defcon

Secretary – Nothing to report.

Treasurer – Finally receied July’s Bellco statement. All monies up to 8/31 are cataloged.

Official swear in for new treasurer happens Friday.

Dir. of Internal Affairs –

Classes – Rob would like help with getting classes lined up/scheduled.

Tandy Leather – Wants to know if they can do classes here. We would get discount. Classes would be free.

Rob wants to see if we can put together station captains. Each perosn responsible for stocking, training, generally responsible for a station.

NoCo is a month from this weekend. Anyone interested in helping. We can do more flashy/explody things. Rubens tube is going. Artemis is going.

Went to Washington for meeting for makers. Inititive by the white house.

Dir of External Affairs –

Radio stuffs! Garble garble garble??? Digi is on speaker phone. Pfsense? Need a replacement for Matt and Scott because they configured it.

Internet update – Giant misunderstanding on OMFs side.

Sean and Mary need to get a check to OMF for internet. tl ; dr – its a mess


Classes covered by rob in internal business

Website – prototype on spiderpig. Udu? ERP package. ETA – Would like to have site up before NoCo (In one month).

3D printing – we have one working. offer out to trade 3 janky printers for 1 not janky printer. board voted and unanimous for trade.

Hack denhac day – it was a great success. Will have a class on ZFS file systems.


Grendel – going to be registered in another county. looking for documents. halp!

Infrastructure – website is offsite now. we dont have much else going on. had a drive failure. some work on LDAP? next step is to get layer 2 and 3 stuff set up. dns server wasnt dns-ing very well.

Intel Gretest Makers TV Show – deadline to apply is 19th of sept. LS going to put out an email to the membership.


Donation of cisco equipment – We dont know anything about it. We need documents showing the tranition of the equipment to denhac and maybe a donation letter showing it was given to use or it will go away to the internet people

Laser – Rob is going to buy a “janky k40 chinese laser cutter 50w 12×20”. Offer to denhac: if the space is interested rob will be willing to sell it to the space or rent it to the space or the space doesnt take/use it at all. terms noegtiable. rob to send out details about the laser itself and details on terms of using/buying/renting laz0rz.

Standardiziing the schedule – perhaps moving board meeting to wednesday nights. need to get google calendar, website and meetup to match.

CNC – need more parts.

Meetup/WePay – Mark and Mary need to connect and talk about WePay account.

Minor Members/Guests – What does the board want in regards to minor guests/minor members?

Denhac down range day – next 2 to 3 weeks. Probably pawnee (sp?) grass lands. more details coming. will put together shopping lists for people who dont have firearms/ammo. day would be split into two pieces. experienced people in the morning, break, experienced people will become ‘range marshalls’ to teach noobs. possibly some archery too! gustav?

Stuff sean forgot or you forgot to mention.

Badge system – Justin – we have 4 card readers – want to integrate to LDAP.


Soda machine – members are jonesing.

Drill press- peaches donated another drill press.

Board Minutes 2016-08-16

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 08-02-2016

Chairman Report – Nothing to report

Vice Chair – Nothing to report

Secretary – Nothing to report

Treasurer – Will report when he gets back from… where ever he is.

Internal Affairs – Robotics leagus is having its first event on First Friday this Friday. Hack Denhac day has a real dirty room now. With a bench and an official flammables cabinet! Justin has been tasked with getting rid of old servers and switching equipment that we’re not using.

External Affairs – Not here.

Classes – Heidi taught last coding class. Great successes. She’s coordinating speakers/teachers. Sockwell teaching a ZFS class 8/20

Website – being moved external for now

3D printing – Still only have one printer that works. Now have a laptop with all software pre-loaded on it.

Grendel – Keep? Not keep? KEEP! Grendel will be registered by the end of next week. Next project after that is to figure out the transmission issue. Then it’s going to get some NEW ART.

Infrastructure – LDAP will be up by end of this month. Nothing seems to be affected by the power issues from earlier this week.

Treasurer – Digi has met with Mary and discussed expectations and… ‘requirements’. Mary accepts. All in attendance vote in favor. Bill also voted for. It is done. Mary is new Treasurer. Digi is a free elf.

Intel America’s Greatest Makers TV Show/Contest –

Recycling – We’re going to start marking electronic recycling things for Bill to pick up with big R in red spray paint. Beware: CRTs cost money.

Denhac Down Range Day – High level overview of what is the tentative plan: Two-part whole day shooting experience. One day to build target holder(s). 1st phase: gun owners/experienced shooters have some time to shoot. 2nd phase: people learning to shoot for the first time or inexperienced. Right now getting a list together of the guns that will be available for BYOA(Bring Your Own Ammo). Bill will recycle spent casings. Possibility of rolling Archery into this day? Thoughts? Interest?

More effort to be put in to labelling things that are property of denhac vs things that are free to use for projects. Going to start enforcing banker boxes for member storage and labelling for larger projects that do not fit into a banker box.

Closed session.

Meeting Adjourned.