Board Minutes 2018-08-21

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 8-21-18

All board members in attendance.


Chair – Nothing to report

Vice Chair – Nothing to report

Secretary – Nothing to report


Treasurer – July was good. 50 paid members. $398.62 surplus. 6 months in reserves set aside. If you member access card is not working, please reach out to Mary ASAP.

External Business – Master budget: 40-45% spent. Still around 55% of the allocated budget unspent.

Internal Business – The welding station is complete. Or at least people are using it. Registered for 10×20 space at Maker Faire. Not sure how many passes come with it. Maybe 8 since the 10×10 space comes with 4 passes?


Website – Still working. Not evolving. Any suggestions? If you have an idea for the website please reach out to Scott and/or Proton.

Network – Still running. Ubiquiti API still working. We’re stable. We have cameras and cables. Scott/Choochoo needs someone to help run cables and mount cameras. We also have an ~8TB storage device to store video.

Grendel – Need to go into the mountains to register it. Battery in Grendel is super dead. Arturo taking point on this project.

Weekly Workshops – Test period is over. Attendance for Tilver’s class (Pen Testing) was good. Arturo’s class (crypto currency) attendance went up and down. 3D printing class was dropped before end of test period. Scott’s class (SDR) attendance was good as well. MeetUp is effective and we should keep using it. Class/workshop notifications also need to go to the list.

Birthday Party – Friday, October 19th. Advertise it at Maker Faire. Budget: $500. Anyone know how to art? We need someone who can art to make fliers. Party will be in the space. Vending Machine – We have one. It doesn’t look very vend-y. Will it vend? No. Replacement power supply has been delivered. Needs to be installed.

Recycling – Recycling bin has been established. Someone supposed to be coming soon to re-establish membership and take the cans for recycling.

CRTs – 3 members volunteered to take one CRT display and take it to Staples for recycling. For free!


Artemis – Greco bought a Fire 7 for Artemis. Deal for Fire 10s until 10pm tonight: $100. Probably not a good plan. Back to the drawing board.

Maker Summit Debrief – Local makerspaces are trying to get together monthly to work together and build community. This coming Saturday around 2pm to 430pm at Gizmo Dojo. Greco encourages any/all board members to attend. Open to everyone.

Hot Air Rework Station – We had one but it’s gone now. It belonged to a member. Do we need one? What do we want to spend on one? Someone is donating one. Tabled for now.

Payment Policy – In the ‘How To’ document we have listed many different methods for valid payment. Want to update the list to only include PayPal and Cash

BOARD VOTE: Change all new membership sign-ups to only accept Cash or PayPal. If member who elects cash payment method fails to pay on time repeatedly, the cash payment privilege will be revoked. Result: 4 in favor. 1 opposed, 2 abstain Digi is going to update the How To docs and redistribute.

Weather Station – Denhac has a weather station on the roof now. It goes down more than… uh… other things do.

Door Project – Arturo tried stepper motors, tried changing power supply, next trying linear actuator. Digi will have a conversation with OMF about us implementing our own access card system. Will show them our new cameras and Splunk logging to show them we can provide accurate logs whenever needed if there is ever any concern/question.

Range Finder – Arturo wants to add range finder to vending machine to keep track of when machines are low. Integrate into Splunk.

Splunk – Arturo working with Digi and Mary on proposal to Splunk for non-profit license rather than the Dev license we’re using now. Electric Consumption Monitor – Arturo wants funds to build electric consumption monitor system for the space to keep track of the power usage in the space which could be helpful to know our liability if we ever need to move.

D3 – Denhac down range day. September 1st. Pawnee Grasslands. Be there.

Welding Supplies – Request for more welding supplies.

BOARD VOTE: Approve budget of up to $200 for gas for Mig welder. (C12) Result: All 7 in favor.

Legal Substance Consumption Policy – We want all members to think about this and have a long, thoughtful discussion at the next board meeting. There has been an increase in substance consumption on prem and negative space impact in recent past. Bring your thoughts on the matter to the next meeting and be prepared for a discussion.


Board Minutes 2018-07-03

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 7-3-18

All board members in attendance.


Chair – Nothing chairman-y to report

Vice Chair – Saving for old business

Secretary – Nothing to report


Treasurer – JUNE! 50 paying members. Shannon is still on vacation until next week.

External Business Manager – 6 month reserve target hit ahead of schedule. Open to requests for money for projects. Don’t forget to send Mary your receipts. If we need supplies, let us know. We have money for things.

Internal Business Manager – Welding stuff as soon as possible?


Website – Currently down. Scott is working on it.

Network – It’s still networking. Arturo setup pihole DNS. It blocks ads.

Grendel – WE HAVE A TITLE! We can register it or sell it or whatever it. What does everyone want to do?

Workshops – How’s it going? Tilver had 10 people at the last meeting. Arturo’s class attendance seems to be tapering off – one person showed up. Scott’s last class had 15 people at his class.

-Digi asks that they post the workshops to the mailing list.

Social Media – Justin needs a 3rd person to help with social media. Please contact him if you’re interested.

Vending Machine – Arturo, Justin and Tek – Waiting on power supply.

Welding Supplies – Re-allocate slice of budget from networking stuff and give it to welding supplies. Can’t predict how much it will cost to maintain that ‘station’. Cameras/Surveillance/Big Brother – Current cameras are potato quality. Choochoo wants budget for more cameras. How do members feel about cameras?

Recycling policy – Former member reached out and advised it was their primary pain point for leaving.

Events – Denver MakerFaire is Oct 13 and 14. Justin feels like we’re obligated to go. He wanted to make sure we’re on top of that. Rocky Mountain MakerSpace Summit – July 28.

10 Year Anniversary Party – Mary needs a specific date to book catering. Approx $300 for food.

Defcon – Reschedule August board meeting date.

Dirty Room – Lordspeed will send out a request for proposals for the dirty room.


Board Minutes 2018-06-05

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 6-5-18

All board members in attendance.


Chair – Nothing

Vice Chair – Nothing interesting

Secretary – Nothing



We have allocated money to projects. Talk to Greco about getting money for projects.

We have 6 months reserves in savings…

External Business – NOT HERE

Internal Business – NOT HERE


Website – It works still. Colin is new. Been a member for a year. Does websites for 9-5 job. What do we want to see on the website? Proton and ChooChoo will get him access

Network – Server rack in the back was moved. Is has power. Networked power rail. Local denhac storage using things we already have and putting them in there. Rest of the network still works. Not more hate mail from CenturyLink recently.

Grendel – No update. Personal life exploded and got in the way.

Workshops – Round one went well. No complaints. Turnout was low. Choochoo feels momentum is building. Tilver’s class has 11 RSVPd for next class coming in 3 weeks.

Dirty Room – It’s clean, functional, and usable again.

Uber Servers – Tied up in bureaucracy. Could get them without the drives now. Are waiting to hopefully get them with drives. Upcoming Events – Tilvers church HAM radio event. DMR. Email to members asking about having enough HAMs so we can run tests.

3D Printer – Going to put it up to members to scavenge parts.

Vending Machine – New vending machine. Needs TLC. Have a power supply coming. Tried ordering a board but that fell through.

CRTs – They’ve moved closer to the front of the building. STAPLES WILL TAKE CRTs FOR FREEE!

10 Year Anniversary Party – When? Where? Here? Somewhere else? Food? Cake? (No, its a lie…) Mary is the head of the Party Planning Committee. Talk to her to join the team.

Hack Denhac Day – It happened. More lights over member storage. 7 people showed up to help.


Denhac Party – Already covered.

Key Management – Physical keys. Hardware keys. Keys were lost for a couple days. Key box was also misplaced again. Checking with OMF to see if we can stick the key box to the door. Then we’re going to stick it to the door.


Something about teachers for equipment? – Colin is a certified welder.

MeetUp/WeWork – Received an email from MeetUp about being able to use WeWork spaces for MeetUps for free.

MicroCenter – Can we put up signs around their DIY section? Justin will find out.


Board Minutes 2018-05-01

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 5-1-18


Chair – Nothing to report

Vice Chair – Nothing that won’t be reported later

Secretary – Nothing to report


Treasurer – Still positive. 46 paid members last month. Access cards are mostly up-to-date and active. Members email list also mostly up-to-date.

External Business – Working on reconciling budget.

Internal Business – Getting caught up with what needs to happen and what needs attention. Just ordered some stuff.


Website – Site is coming along. Open to input on design.

Network – Scott wants to move all our infra down to here from OMF server room. Hasn’t done that yet. We have a switch, gateway, 5 key, century link termination device up there.

Grendel – Letter on denhac letterhead provided to tilver. All other forms filled out. Have to take forms and letter to the office.

3D Printer – It got messed up. Likely unsupervised print and hot end crashed into the print. Replacement $100 or less. Board vote: Replace broken 3D printer part? All were in favor

Dirty Room Update – Dana will do inventory. Lordspeed will send out another query to the members list to see what a majority of members want to see for direction of that room.

Weekly Workshops – Twitter creds obtained. Lordspeed will disseminate said credentials. Social media team needs descriptions for 2 of the 4 workshops (John/Tilver and Scott/Choochoo). First class coming up this week (SDR by Scott/Choochoo) Thursday. Need description sent to Justin N. to post on Meetup. Nobody signed up yet.

NOTE: SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM: JUSTIN N., ULYSSES (I spelled that wrong), MATT MARSHALL (Username is headspace on slack)

Uber Servers – They will be decomm’d Thursday. We will get them soon.

Social Media Update – Covered in other items.

IBM Classes – 12 people from IBM + Ed, Arturo, Mark. It was a cool class. Everyone had fun. Learned a lot. Jimmy (teacher) has an extra set of hardware and might come back to do the class for denhac-ers only some time after June.

Events – It’s on Greco’s radar. Deciding what to do or not do.

Hack Denhac Day – Great success. Thanks to Gwen and Tilver for helping Josh/Krav.

Leaky Pipe – If anyone sees the leaky pipe leaking again, let Digi know so he can inform OMF.


Vending Machine – Arturo and Justin searching for a vending machine, hopefully 100% gift/donation to the space.

WAX 3D Printer – It’s up for grabs if someone wants it or wants to scavenge parts out of it. If it’s still around at the next Hack Denhac Day, its getting moved to trash/discard/recycle status.

Chess Classes – Is instructor allowed to ask for mandatory donation from non-members? Decided that verbiage would be ”Donations are encouraged”.

Budget for CRTs – $25/monitor disposal fee. 5 monitors to dispose of. Board vote: Approve budget of up to $125 to get rid of CRTs? All were in favor.

Denhac – 10 years old this year. We should PARTY. October or November.


Board Minutes 2018-03-06

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 3-6-18


Chair – Will be covered in old or new business

Vice Chair – Will be covered in old or new business

Secretary – Nothing to report

Treasurer – Lost 5 people in February. 45 paying members. Call scheduled for Friday with Neon CRM. Membership list should be done by EOM.


External Business – If anyone has been waiting on Digi to do something and he hasn’t done it poke him again. He’s building his to-do list from scratch.

Internal Business –


Hack denhac day – It went well. Cleaned and moved things. Next one will do more tables. Thank you whoever came. A bunch of people came to help. Thanks to them!

Workshops – First person to provide a curriculum can pick their week.

3D printer –

Grendel – Sean will write the letter TONIGHT. PROMISE.

Laser – Laser task force (Proton, Ulysses, Jimmy) worked on the laser alllllll day during hack denhac to learn how to maintain the laser and get it working. Sean worked with Damon last night to finish up the last bit of work. Its ready for laser task force to align it and get it ready to use.

Network – In progress.

Website – Took down paypal links because it wasn’t clear that giving money did not automatically make someone a member. Will add extra dialog to make it clear or make people click an extra button.


Security Camera – The only ones we have are in use.

Hack Denhac Budget – Money allocated for HDH is usually consumed by ordering food for participants. Need money for consumable supplies.

BOARD VOTE: Increase HDH budget by 50% ($75) so it can cover food and supplies. Vote: All in favor.

Vending Machine – Vending machine to carry snacks and/or supplies (SD cards, raspi, cat5 or USB cable). Interest seems low because of cost to carry inventory and maintain a machine that’s likely more expensive.

Dumpster – Locking dumpster soon. We are getting a key. It’s going to be placed with our other key.

Radio – uh…..

Grant Writing – Grant writing is hard. We don’t have anyone available to write grants. If you know someone who wants to do that for us, let us know

Ops Manager – Matt Branyon/Dr. Awesome/Greco – Originally the first Vice Chair.

Heidi – Heidi is no longer social media/communication person.

Arturo – Ends on cables, switch. Get it done

Servers – Uber has servers. Do we want them? 24TB NAS.

Next board elections – Next month. Lordspeed will send out details.


Board Minutes 2018-02-06

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 2-6-18


Chair – Anything to discuss will be covered in other business

Vice Chair – Anything to discuss will be covered in old business

Secretary – Did not lose last months minutes. Hooray!

Treasurer – 49 people paid last month. Talked to Kathy re: CRM. Paperwork done. Next month is first month of CRM.


External Business – Digi isn’t here and didn’t provide anyone else with an update to give on his behalf.

Internal Business – Position is still vacant.


Website – Going to host on AWS for reliability. Keeping it simple. If someone wants to help with web design, please speak up. Website needs an art.

Network – Network still works. P2P traffic blocked.

Access Cards – No change. OMF is still slow to get us cards and won’t get us access to provision our own. >_<

Grendel – Tilver waiting on letter from Digi or Lordspeed.

Artemis – We still own it. Needs work.

Laser – *audible groan from lordspeed* tl;dr Tube never left Shanghai for two weeks and then was sent back sender. Sender is sending it again and we’re getting a discount. Lordspeed will need to write a check to denhac for the difference. Lense, chiller, and power supply are here.

3D Printer Access – raspi camera obtained. Needs to be installed. Server rack has been cleaned to make room for a monitor.

TV – Member had a lead on a TV but didn’t get budget approval on time. Back to the drawing board. Weekly Workshops – Finish details this week. Advertise for the next 3 weeks. Start the first of March.

LinuxCNC Classes – The person who wants to teach the class didn’t come to the board meeting. No new details.

Hack denhac day – It happened. All the floors got mopped and it was gross. We have a donation table by the door. Things that have been left behind have been gathered.


Signage, Cleaning, Housekeeping – During hack denhac day found that there’s a tendency for people to pile things on flat surfaces. We’re going to put up signs reminding people to clean up after themselves.

Update Dirty Room – The dirty room is getting to be a hot mess. It needs better organization and maybe a reduction in tools. Lordspeed is going to send an email to the membership to see what they want out of the dirty room and try to make it functional for the most members possible.

Event Coordination – We need a person or people to be the point(s) of contact for the outreach items/fairs i.e. maker faire, steamfest, sparks and spirits, etc. Lordspeed will send an email to the list to see if anyone wants to take point.

People Showing the Building – There have been people coming through and showing the building like it’s up for rent/lease/sale. Lordspeed will reach out to Tony to try and get more information. Someone else asked why the building was being shown and was given a vague answer. We may be looking for a new space. Keep your eyes peeled. Send suggestions for new location to the list.

Removed Members Coming Back – No change in policy at this time. We’re not going to create a path for someone to come back. People who have been removed could potentially approach the board via email to make a case for coming back if they wanted to. They are not prohibited from contacting us. Allowing people to come back after known acts of violence could potentially open us up to liability if the person were to become violent again.


Board Minutes 2018-01-09

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 1-9-18


Chair – Digi is back! Yay!

Vice Chair – Working on obtaining Grendel title.

Secretary – Lost last months meeting minutes. Sorry. 🙁

Treasurer – Small drop in membership but gained two members.


External Business – DIGI IS BACK. Manager meetings will resume Thursdays at the same time.

Internal Business – Position is still vacant.


Website – Broken. Fubar. It’s breaking other things. CRM solution will likely take over hosting of membership data and payment info. Move the rest to WordPress maybe? Some other option? Open to ideas.

Choochoo has 1 week to find out what it would take to move from Digital Ocean and to another solution and pricing for that new solution. Proton will be our new web guy. Choochoo to work with Proton and making website more better.

Network – We have Ubiquiti networking gear now! Hooray! It can do packet analysis and can block p2p. Hopefully help mitigate unwanted torrenting and make CenturyLink happy.

Access Control – Tilver worked with Mary to go over list of active members. OMF has alluded to giving us access to the badging system again if we can prove we are managing our members list correctly. If you haven’t responded to Mary’s email asking for info, your access card MAY NOT WORK SOON.

Grendel – Tilver looking into getting title. Once we know if a title can be obtained Sean will look into the feasibility/cost of getting it fixed. Then potentially getting it registered to be let loose on the streets of Denver.

Artemis – It needs to be rebuilt. It fell off of the shelves behind Grendel. Gizmo Dojo asked us about bringing Artemis to an event for monies. Perhaps trade Artemis use for assistance in fixing the laser. Justin contacting Tom at Gizmo Dojo about trading services. Will report back next week.

Tables – Krav built a new table and fixed some failing legs on other tables.

Access Cards – Details covered in Access Control item. See above.

LAZ0RZ – The laser is borked. Tube and power supply are ruined. We have a lead on someone from another hackerspace who might be able to fix it. See Artemis notes. Jimmy and Proton are going to be the new lazer team. – lazer contact distro list Budget – We two options for cost to fix. $300 – restore us back to where we were before. $1500 – upgraded power supply that has a failsafe, more powerful, and longer life span. VOTE: Proceed with Damon’s suggestion to upgrade laser: All in favor. ($1500)

Century Link – Old account that Matt S. opened in our name still exists, it was merged with our current account, and the old balance was carried forward and put on hold. Then there was a monetary adjustment to our account that approximately matches the amount carried forward from the old account. Digi is going to do some final reconciliation but is seems to be resolved. HOORAY!

Radio Station – There is a group that has approached us about taking our frequency in trade for their frequency, an HD frequency, and money. More details to follow.


LinuxCNC – Marcel Grenier. He is not in attendance to discuss his idea. Moving on.

Secure Storage – Krav, since he has taken on hack denhac day and some internal business, would like some secure storage for denhac supplies. Perhaps an allocated cabinet in the cabinets next to grendel. Will provide budget if more is needed. Otherwise free to allocate some storage space for denhac supplies.

Hack Denhac Day – Things are happening! Josh is awesome for taking point on this and keeping it going. Unclaimed items from around the space and/or unlabelled things from storage are going to get purged SOON. Label your stuff! LABEL YOUR STUFF! Or come get your stuff. Notifications to be sent out to membership.

Tool Control – Sockwell wants to talk about tool control but got drunk on cough syrup. Will discuss next time. T.V. – A member could donate a TV or we could approach electronics retailers about asking for donations for nonprofits.

NeonCRM – Member management program we were looking at using. With website piece its $90/month. If we have it do just what we need it to do it’s $50/month. VOTE: Purchasing the $50/month option that does just what we need: All in favor.

3D Printer Access – Justin just needs an R Pi camera, some brackets that can be printed, and ChooChoo to add it to the network. Greenlight. Camera is approx $25, no need for board vote. Submit for reimbursement later.

Donation Tablespace – No need for board review/approval. Krav is going to do the thing and submit for reimbursement if any costs are incurred.

We’re Hiring – We are in need of an Operations Manager, Classes Coordinator and Donations Manager. Donations could also be handled/reviewed/purged/refined/whatever on Hack Denhac Day.

Password Manager – Due to time crunch Digi went ahead and renewed the LastPass acct @ $170/year. VOTE: Reimburse Digi for paying for LastPass – All in favor. Objective: Find a new password manager that’s better and/or cheaper. Preferably both.

Cryptocurrency Mining in the Space – Cost would be approximately $60/month electricity. The space would control the wallet. The member would get back a portion of the earnings to reimburse cost of rig. The space would get some of the earnings. Could tie in to once monthly classes on cryptocurrency mining. VOTE: To allow cryptocurrency mining rig to be stored in the space with the conditions above: All in favor.


Board Minutes 2017-06-06

Denhac Board Meeting 6-6-17

All members are in attendance OFFICER REPORTS Chair – Phil has moved out. Nobody died or lost any appendages. Mo has not been moved out yet.

Vice Chair – Nothing to report.

Secretary – Nothing to report

Treasurer – We paid bills! 2 new members, lost 3 members. MANAGER REPORTS External Business Manager – So far, $100 under budget on spending from proposed budget. Not even close to all of it has been spent.

Internal Business Manager – Sparks and Spirits: They gave us a theater to set up Artemis. It was awesome. Rubens tube was popular as well. Hack Denhac Day: 6/24, member storage will be cleaned up. Cameras will be going up. We have a wiki! OLD BUSINESS Classes: No progress. We need someone to take over classes.

Website: RadioShak/Tony was in charge of website and media content but he is out of town. Will need to assign backups.

Network: Digi, Eric and Scott are the current Network team. They’re having a team meeting every Tuesday now.

CNC: Not broken. Configuration needed. Spindle controller. ??? Not sure what’s wrong with it.

Lathe: Working! Need to build a class for it to certify people on it.

Member Storage: Bins have been selected. Jun 24 is going to be member storage clean-up day. Emails will be going out soon. Anything in a delapidated box/unsafe box will be put in a nice bin. Anything unlabeled will be absorbed into denhac supplies. Any members no longer attending/paying will be contacted about abandoned property. LOST AND FOUND POLICY WILL BE ENFORCED.

Dirty Room: Want to isolate dirty room noise. Enclose dirty room via drywall.

BOARD VOTE: Allocate $200 of budget to enclose dirty room with drywall. All 6 board members voted in favor.

Laser: Request for different chiller. Digi is investigating.

NEW BUSINESS Board Vacancy: Announce intent to nominate new board member tonight. Will vote on new board member next Tuesday night.

Participation After Termination: Can terminated/suspended members still participate? Consensus is no, if you are suspended or terminated you cannot participate in any denhac events. If suspended, you cannot participate in any events until your suspension is fulfilled. If you are terminated you are banned.

Policy Updates: Denhac Bylaws: Board Vote: Do we want to adopt the denhac bylaws as provided and updated by digi? All 6 board members voted in favor. Denhac Policies Board Vote: Do we want to adopt the denhac policies as provided and updated by digi? All 6 board members voted in favor.

If you think the “denahc how-to” is missing anything, please reach out to Digi.

Board Vacancy Nominations – Already discussed. See above.

Groups Policy (Eric): Idea for this because Network progress has been going well. How to impleent that for other projects.

CenturyLink: Backstory TL;DR: A previous member of denhac worked with CenturyLink to have a gig fiber line run to the building. This member signed the contract for service at a price of $750/month with the intent to resell the service to entities along the art district. This person signed the contract under denhacs name despite not having any signing authority and being advised directly by the board not to put the service in denhacs name. This contract was later “transferred” to a company called Cardea and it sounds like it was (or was supposed to be) transferred to another company. In April 2017 the connection was disconnected.

Turns out the service was disconnected for non-payment. The account is currently about $9,000 behind and CenturyLink is coming to us for payment since it is still in our name somehow. >_<

Digi put together all of the documentation he could find from board meeting minutes, emails, etc showing that denhac never approved this and explicitly stated we did not want to connection in our name and provided that to a contact at CenturyLink.


Digi requests $500 be reserved from the budget for possible future fees for legal counsel.

BOARD VOTE: Reserve $500 from the budget for possible future fees for legal counsel. All 6 board members voted in favor.


Board Minutes 2017-05-02

Denhac Board Meeting Minutes 5-2-17


Chair – Resignation on the board. Proceeding to the next board meeting as a board of 6. Moe has stepped down.

Vice Chair – Vice has happened in the space.

Secretary – Nothing to report.

Treasurer – Slowed down on taking in new members. 46 total paid members for April. Thank you to everyone pushing people to paypal. Net positive $356.60 for month of April. Nothing major purchsed from the budget voted on last month.

Internal Affairs – Skip – covered in new or old business

External Affairs – Skip – covered in new or old business


Classes – Still doing laser classes, just dont get to make things.

Website – We still have a website. Scott is connecting it to LDAP.

Steam Fest – 4600 attendees; Artemis; Top 5 or top 3 events we’ve ever done.

Denhac has been asked to introduce/interview Cory Doctorow a week from today. If youre interested in interviewing him, contact Robb. ASAP.

5/20 – Sparks and Spirits – 4 – 5 hr event. Looking for volunteers to work that event.

Network – We have internet again. Thanks Digi!

CNC – Issue reported last month was just a loose ground. Stepper motor not dead. Will not cut for an extended period of time. Spindle driver decides its overheating when its not and stops. It is usable again if you sit and watch it. Do not leave it unattended. No more money needed.

Lathe – It works. Tek fixed it. Use at your own risk.

Member Storage – Trying to find the right bins still.

Dirty Room – Make it less annoying and less contaminating to the rest of the space. Maybe $150 in drywall to isolate it.

Laser – Needs a piece. Replaced the tube, still doesnt work. Needs power supply now. About $150.

Vote: Spend $150 to replace laser power supply – All in favor.

Point Gallery – Phil will get the guy Digi’s contact info.


Reminders – More clearly posting/reminding the memebers where they are and are not entitled to be in the building (outside of the denhac space). We can be in the bathroom, kitchen, and the lounge by the kitchen.

Security – At hack denhac day this month some cameras will be going up.

Board Vacancy – Addressed in officer report.

Discipline Policy – Want to have a policy where managers can, at their discretion, suspend a member for misconduct until the next board meeting.

Below is a temporary policy we are voting on to be in place until the the next board meeting where a comprehensive policy can be written, reviewed and voted on.

Until June 6th, 2017 the Internal and External managers are given the authority to suspend membership to defend against immediate threats to the safety or security of denhac as an organization and/or its members. The following conditions as stated must be observed – – Suspensions must be reported to the Board by the witnessing manager within 24 hours. – The Board must move to address the situation within 48 hours of when notification is sent. – Suspensions may only last until the next scheduled board meeting.

Board vote: All board members in favor.

Phils Tools – Phil’s tools are not covered by denhac insurance.

Friday – This Friday is first friday and we are fighting some robots. Its also Cinco de Mayo. Be here at 7 if you are going to be participating in robot fighting.


Board Minutes 2017-04-04

Denhac Board Meeting 04-04-2017


Chair – Nothing to report

Vice Chair – Nothing to report

Secretary – Nothing to report


Internal Business Manager: 28 – 30 of April STEAM Fest/Boulder Maker Faire. Need volunteers. Talk to Robb.

5th of May – First Friday. First robot fighting night. Karen wants to bring tshirt printing rig and pring shirts that night.

March for Science is April 22 in Denver – From ??? to Civic Center Park. We’re not officially participating. If anyone wants to go, talk to Robb. Can meet at denhac and go together.

External Business Manager – Whole building internet is out. We know. Not us, not OMF.

Treasurer – Insurance check has been deposited. Membership went down a little from Feb to March. Approx 53 members. Board members/Managers MUST SIGN new member docs!!!!! New forms have checklists now. FOLLOW THE CHECKLIST! We do have prox cards for new members now! Be sure to set expectation that it can be up to 3 weeks for new prox cards to be activated.


  • Classes – Nothing new. Laser classes still happening. One person at last laser class. 3D printing class tonight.

Change Costume class to Costume Workshop.

  • Website – Website is website. Behind the scenes things are happening.

Will be connected to Free IPA in the next couple weeks.

Running TLS 1.2 and has valid cert.

We are super secure. Huzzah!

  • Networking – THE SYSTEM IS DOWN. I mean… Everything is super secure.
  • CNC – Caleb worked on it some more. We have a new computer. Hooray! The end stops are there. Hooray! Another stepper motor died. 🙁
  • Lathe – Lathe successfully used as a mill. If you want to know how to do that, see Caleb aka two/too/to/teux.

Lathe cert class is the works?

  • Member Storage – Some storage bins tested and they did not work. Not in a place to start cleaning/throwing stuff away… YET!
  • Phase 1 budget – None of it has actually been spent. $1500 allocated for reserves as previously discussed.
  • Hackathon – Was previously mentioned at one point. Propose your ideas. After a period of time we will vote for the winning projecct and assign monies to the winning group to build/make the thing they proposed.


VOTE – Grant board members, ops manager, business manager, and treasurer authority to sign membership documents on behalf of denhac? Yes or No.

Unanimous in favor.

  • Point Gallery – Do we want to swap memberships with them? Yes, we are interested. Need more details.
  • Dirty Room – Two issues: 1. Air quality is going down now that it’s actually being used for dirty things. 2. Schedule time to do noisy things or mitigating noise.

Need to talk to OMF about what we can/cant do to mitigate noise and dust/particles. Give us your ideas to make it better.

  • Education/Outreach Officer Position – After discussion we will not at this time be making a new manager position. Mo will work with Internal/External managers specifically on classes and educational outreach.
  • Grendel – Worlds largest pi case? Idea for Grendel: Put in a lot of laptop monitors and r-pis to make a mobile gaming station.

What is its status? – Still trying to figure out who had it registered last

OMF Classes – Covered a little in outreach.

Digi’s list of misc things to add:

  • Suspended Grendel insurance since it isnt being driven. Just FYI.
  • Day rates for space – Are we interested in offering day rates?

Two primary topics re: Day rates: 1. Do we want to limit equipment usage to members or those under the supervision of members/instructors? 2. If we want to offer day rates: What is the cost? What is the policy?

More discussions needed. Internal/External managers will discuss more and being some ideas to the next meeting.

  • LPFM: Do you want to be a part of the community aspect of LPFM? Finding musicians, making content, etc. Talk to Digi.
  • Budget, in two parts:

New Recurring Budget Item: Add $50 to recurring monthly budget for food for hack denhac day.

BOARD VOTE: All in favor of $50/month for food for hack denhac day.

One time request: $5180 1. Pile of Hard drives and some member reimbursement for network recovery expenses. (1730) 2. Space maint and upkeep (1400) 3. Space Upgrades (1350) 4. Misc (700)

Vote: 6 of 7 in favor of the current budget as proposed.