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 +==General Guidelines==
 +  *This hackerspace belongs to YOU. Improvements,​ participation,​ and community projects are welcome and encouraged. ​
 +  *Unmarked equipment is fair game. Feel free to dig. If you want to claim an item for a project, put your name on it and store in a locker if possible. If you aren't using it, put it back so someone else can. 
 +  *Keep the space tidy! If something needs done, do it. Sweeping, wiping down, emptying trash, organizing etc. 
 +  *Please do not take tools home with you. If you borrow a book, return it when you are done. Doesn'​t matter if that is 2 days or 2 months.
 +  *If a class is in session, and you need to work upstairs, please tread lightly! The sound carries like crazy. ​
 +  *You'​re welcome to come and go at all hours, but no crashing overnight. .
 +  *We rely on dues and donations to keep the space up and running. Remember; the space has to pay rent and other bills. This includes oddball crap like mandated compliance with fire safety (extinguishers) and other stuff most of us do not think about. Most of what we have is free for members to use, unless otherwise marked. If you use a lot, please chip in so we can restock. ​
 +  *Equipment donations are great, but please ask us if we want it before hauling it in. Chances are, if it's old and useless to you, it's old and useless to us. When donating, if no one is there, make it VERY CLEAR that whatever you drop off is a new donation. Put it on the table with a note "new crap", don't tuck it into a corner.
 +  *Ask questions and share knowledge.
 +  *Don't be a dick.
 +==Before you leave the space==
 +  *Tidy your work space, stow ongoing projects, and put tools back where they belong. ​
 +  *Turn off/unplug things that could burn down the space
 +  *Make sure the heat is set to the lowest setting
 +  *Trash full or stinky? Take it out
 +  *Turn off the lights
 +  *Lock up!
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