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 +==== Welcome to denhac ====
 +Denhac is a non-profit [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Hackerspace|Hackerspace]] founded in 2008. 
 +Hackerspaces are simply places for people to learn, work on tech projects, socialize and collaborate. Denhac offers a community space for classes and events, anywhere from [[lock picking]] to [[information security]], to [[hardware hacking]]. ​
 +We are open to the public any Tuesday after 8pm, and for [[http://​denhac.org/​calendar|classes and events]].
 +[[Membership|Members]] get the benefit of 24 hour access to the space, access to shared [[equipment]],​ the ability to provide input on future classes and events, and lockers to store ongoing projects. [[Membership]] is $50 a month. ​
 +**You don't need to be a member to host your group with us, teach or attend a class! Drop in!**
 +Place to talk about projects, current and past
 +Our stations, equipment, toys and OMG WE NEED THAT
 +[[Docs & Minutes]]\\
 +Meeting Minutes, Membership agreement, Bylaws, etc
 +[[Talk Topics]]\\
 +Speak up!
 +[[Space Guidelines]]\\
 +General Guidelines for Members
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