• A resource for people who are studying for Cisco certs, or learning Cisco products.


  • A resource for learning general networking concepts.
  • Possible platform for a pentesting lab.
  • A quick and easy setup for LAN parties and similar good-times-having (since it's on a rolling rack).
  • Whatever cool or useful things you can think of…
Wish List

If you wish to donate any of the following (or other useful items), please contact Andy to find out if we can put it to good use:

  • Cisco VoIP stuff (7900 series IP phones, PoE switches, voice network modules…)
  • Cisco Routers (2600XM series is great, 1841s are even better…)
  • Cisco Switches (2950s, 2960s, 3550s…)
  • Cisco ASAs
  • WICs, NICs, Wireless Modules
  • Rack mounts
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