Never could get the hang of Thursdays…. So, I’m telling this particular Thursday: “Go hang.”

So, yeah, despite the fact that title is both #truth and #humour (making it #truthhumour, heh…) I am, in fact going to give myself a break today.

I know that I have outstanding commitments to my valued friends and family, but, I’m gonna go ahead and procrastinate them until tomorrow. I think I might get a mani-pedi, because, apparently, I AM a Metrosexual, (but I promise, Mom, still not gay….) (#truthhumour)  Also, I really need a mani-pedi.  Just can’t decide what colour for the nail polish.  (prolly clear, let’s be #truthful….) As a side note, I may even try to do it at the Wal-Mart where I need to return some things that were

Since the weather’s pretty nice, and my car is covered in magnesium chloride debris, I’m probably gonna wash it, too. I promise to be careful, I know what “cold water spray” can do at these kinds of temperatures.

I will say, though, for sure, that if you’re in my “valued friends and family” group, or what I’m calling “ACR0NYM’s Mental Health Brigade” (#truthhumour), I beg of you, remind me, in clear and simple terms, of commitments to you that I may have forgotten.  I apologize for having done so, and really do want to recover and catch up on those kinds of items.

And, with that, Happy Boxing Day!

Hugs and kisses, merry holiday wishes, and as always, my sincerest thanks and love for all of this amazing support,