Support the development of denhac on Kickstarter!

We have just launched our first Kickstarter campaign! The goal of this project is to raise money for the space to build some much needed improvements such as complete power throughout the space and a complete key card based security system for better access control. Support our Kickstarter and help our space grow from where we are now into a hackerspace known all over the world for being amazing.

As you know, when denhac moved into a new space, we got a vibrant location and neighbors at the expense of working with what was essentially a former storage space. We appreciate Open Media Foundation’s support of our campaign, and together we are offering some great pledge rewards that represent the best of our both our organizations, including media equipment rentals and classes, technical support creating your dream project on our equipment, coworking time in OMF’s beautiful building, memberships at both foundations, and more! Just the cost of membership alone is a deal if you pledge in the campaign.

Take a look and support Denver’s original hackerspace becoming an even better experience!

denhac at Denver Comic Con…dencomihac!

This week denhac is excited to participating in Denver Comic Con for the first time! denhac will have 2 booths down in the 700 hall. We are excited to show off our 3D printer, and some specifically prepared projects just for the guests. If you’ve been by the space recently, you have seen some tantalizing builds going on as our hackers and makers, well, hack and make. Stop by Denver Comic Con and see what we have!

TWAD, April 14

Greetings programs,

Mor stuff is happening at the denhac!

Lock picking tonight! Want to know how to get back into your house when you lock yourself out? Great. Come hang out at 8 PM.

It is also still open house so we will still be hanging out if you want to work on other things.

Work at denhac Thursdays! Thursday are the traditional day to work from denhac.  People usually start showing up and generally stay until well after 5.

Game night Friday! Playing games that are fun like Cards Against Humanity, Magic and Artimus Space Ship Bridge Simulator.  Game night starts about 8 PM.

Saturday! This Saturday we are doing another Hack denhac Day! Its very exciting I assure you.  There will be hotdogs/burgers and drinks for everyone who comes out. The party starts at 3 PM and will not be delayed because of movie filming.  This past week we cleaned out on the other side of Grendel and moved all of the LPFM equipment out of the dirty room. This week we are cleaning out the back corner of the space and hanging up pegboard for tools.

Anyone can attend these events regardless if you are a member or not.  The more the better!

If you have any questions, let me know!


This week in denhac with guest host, Scott!

Greetings programs,

There are a few things going on at denhac this week I thought I would sum up really fast.
Hacker Movie Monday! This week we are watching Freedom Downtime and Track Down AKA Takedown AKA Hackers 2 (*cringe*). It should be interesting. Starts at 8 PM.
Board meeting/Microelectronics Tuesday! If you want to know more about what is going on with micro controllers or with denhac, Tuesday night is your day. Open house/microcontrollers night starts at 6 PM board meeting at 6:30 PM upstairs in the board room.
Game night Friday! We play games like Cards Against Humanity, Magic and Artemis Space Ship Bridge Simulator.  Game night starts about 7 PM.
Saturday! This Saturday we are doing another Hack denhac Day! It’s very exciting I assure you.  There will be hotdogs/burgers and drinks for everyone who comes out.  We start the hackzoring at 3PM and food is at 4PM.  It should only take a few hours to clean the far side of Grendel and move the things in the dirty room over there.
Hope to see you there!

Notes from the Board Meeting (3-03-2015)

With lots of new plans and upcoming events coming to denhac soon, you’ll want to keep an eye on the member mailing lists and calendar. Here’s a few things members discussed last night at the monthly board meeting:

First, we had 3 board positions up for reelection so we voted in Robert Pickett, Scott Fraser, and Patricia Kimpel. Every time we add new members we elect officers, so we voted to keep Sean (Lordspeed) and Matt as our Pres/VP, and add Patricia as our secretary.

Payment options: a reminder we have a new discount for using Paypal’s autopay each month. We’ll also be adding an online portal soon to confirm when you’ve paid.

Events: If you’ve been hiding under a denrock lately, we’re bringing fun stuff not only to MakerFaire, but providing a sweet suite of maker goodness at Comicon! You want to be involved? Of course you do! Contact Robb Hendershot. We’re still looking for ideas for panels and classes.

Upcoming classes: First, if you’ve tried to make it to a Saturday Open House and not seen someone there, we’re sorry! We’re changing the times to be a more popular late time (2-8 pm)  and there *will* be a member there for those of you dropping by.

We’re planning on adding recurring themes to Tuesday Open Houses to bring hackers with particular interests together. Likely focuses are coding, microcontrollers, and “making” (CNC, 3D printing, etc). We’re also looking to resurrect Monday Movie Night.

Keep an eye out for some new classes on the calendar and some emails about helping with fun builds!

News from denhac and Hack the Space this Saturday

We’ve had some good developments at denhac and lots of members hard at work with upgrades and programs.

Wi-Fi is more stable now with new building-wide Ubiquity access points. Denhac members kicked off efforts for new community programs and potential grants to fund them. Additionally, local broadcasters donated equipment to our low-power fm station.

With denhac settling into our space and growing a little, it’s time for another Hack the Space effort. Under Scott’s direction, we will be organizing and doing a few odd tasks this Saturday at 1 pm. There will be some food and drink (BYOB) and an acceptably good time. As the joke has started, service guarantees citizenship!