Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

Learn how to use tools your grandfather knew as “technology” and then get the most out of google App Engine.

12:00 – Tools of the Elder Gods: The Slide Rule (cooler than a compass maybe not as cool as a sextant)

13:00 – Tools of the Elder Gods: The RPN Calculator (bring one or a new fangled emulator)

20:00 – Hack-A-Doc part one in a series created by Belin designed to teach us “In three steps, how to create an API out of your google docs data, then access the API with AJAX using a Single Page App, and then host the site for free with Google app engine”

We made it!

We made it! So It’s been just over a month and we’re fitting into our new location nicely. Lots of good things in the works, so come down and check us out.

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I don’t always blog…. but when I do, it looks like this. I guess I’ll start my new blogging career with a little bio, is that allowed? I like electronic stuff. I like hackerspaces. I even like hacking. I hope the next time I blog I include something that everyone will want to read, but for now thanks for stopping by Come down and meet us. I assure you that the rest of us are much more exciting.