This week at denhac Nov 11 – Nov 17

Monday, November 11: Veteran’s Day. No event, it’s just Veteran’s Day. :)

Tuesday, November 12, 8 p.m.: Open House!!! Make friends with the nerd fauna, get a tour of the space or just hang out.

Tuesday, November 12, 8 p.m.: LockSport!!! Like to pick locks? Never picked a lock before but want to learn how? It doesn’t matter! Come on out! All skill levels welcome!

Wednesday, November 13: {}

Thursday, November 14, 9 a.m.: Work From Denhac Day!!! Today is for those of you who work remotely and miss out on regular human interaction. Bring your laptop and your lunch and come socialize with the other work-from-home-er’s at Denhac!

Friday, November 15, 7 p.m.: Game Night!!! Any and all games welcome! Homemade or store-bought, popular or obscure and everything in between! Join us for game night! We have Cards Against Humanity. :)

Saturday, November 16, 12 p.m.: Open House Part Deux!!! This is the same as Tuesday’s open house except it’s better because it’s on Saturday! Come work on a project, see what we’re all about, get a tour or just hang out.


Sunday, November 17, 12 p.m.: Kids Coder Dojo!!! The Kids Coder Dojo at Denhac is a weekly computer programming class designed for elementary through high school-aged kids. Students will begin by using a free and open source visual programming language called Scratch (, available on Windows, MacOSX and Linux), and will be able to move on to more advanced languages as they progress at their own pace.

Attendees under the age of 13 are required to be accompanied by a designated guardian (though guardians are encouraged to attend for all ages). Attendees should bring a laptop or netbook for each student they bring if they can (and you are encouraged to bring extras if possible for those without access to a computer).

Sunday, November 17, 3:15 p.m.: Kids Science Dojo!!! FIELD TRIP EDITION!

We are scheduled for a presentation at the newly remodeled Fiske Planetarium at 4 pm!

We will not be holding our regularly scheduled Science Dojo Class this day.

We will start at 3:15 sharp going through the neat lobby exhibits that demonstrate fluorescence, infrared light, plasmas/ionization of particular elements and their unique emission spectra and checking out the awesome projection globe.

Then, we will watch the Dynamic Earth video narrated by Liam Neeson projected onto the dome (link to trailer below), followed by a 30 min live talk and tour through the universe. Because of the new star projector’s awesome resolution everyone is advised to bring binoculars/monoculars so that they can see even more stars on the screen.

Now that we’ve hopefully got your attention, here are the logistics:

Because we are a nonprofit, non-traditional class, Fiske is going to allow us to come on a donate-what-you-can basis. Ticket prices are normally $10/adult, $7/kidlet so we strongly encourage those of you that can do it to take this into consideration.

Also, since we will need to get tickets early, we have to have RSVP and donation funds by Tuesday 11/12 (this means you can let us know at Tuesday’s open house if need be). By RSVP-ing we can guarantee you and your children seating at the show. If you don’t RSVP, you can still show up but you will have to pay the full price and seating is not guaranteed.

Ashleigh will have a basket set up starting this Sunday for parents to drop off donation money anonymously.

Here are directions from Denhac:,0,15219369135984650848&ei=Igl6UvHAOeTWyQGHkoDwBw&ved=0CJUBEPwSMAk


Parking at most lots at CU are free and open to the public on Sundays, however, please watch the signs carefully. There are a few spaces to the south east of Fiske on Kittredge Loop and a few to the northeast on Regent. There are also parking lots just to the West and North of Fiske.

Also, if parents and kids are up for it, Ashleigh is trying to see if we can get a tour of the Sommers-Bausch Observatory after the presentation. Let us know if this would be of interest.

Denhac is a non-profit organization that provides a variety of technology, art, DIY, and craft-related classes for all ages, and survives on donations and membership dues.  As with (almost) all Denhac classes, attendance is free of charge and membership is not required. Donations are strongly encouraged.

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