This week at denhac Sept 9 – Sept 15

Monday, September 9th:

Tuesday, September 10th, 8 p.m.: Locksport! Have you always wanted to know how to pick locks but never knew where to start? Have you never wanted to know how to pick a lock until right now as you’re reading this? Do you already know how to pick locks and want to hang out with other people who also like to pick locks? Well you’re in luck! The local Locksport chapter is meeting Tuesday night at Denhac! The fun starts around 8 p.m. We have locks and picks on hand and it’s free to participate! RSVP on Meet Up.

Tuesday, September 10th, 8 p.m.: Open House! For those of you not interested in lock picking you can still come hang out because Tuesday is also OPEN HOUSE! Get a tour of the space and come see what we’re all about. We love meeting new people! RSVP on Meet Up.

Wednesday, September 11th:

Thursday, September 12th, 9 a.m.: Work From Denhac Day! Do you work remotely and need a little social interaction? Well get your fix at Work From Denhac Day! Every Thursday, members and non-members who normally work from home get together and work from Denhac instead! RSVP on Meet Up.

Friday, September 13th, 8 p.m.: Game Night! GAMES! GAMES! GAMES! Bring your games, play our games, or we can make up some games! This night has no structure, just fun! RSVP on Meet Up.

Caturday, September 14th, 12 p.m.: Open House Part Deux! Think of this as a continuation of the Tuesday Open House because there’s so much awesome you need a second day to take it all in. Tours, projects, shenanigans, and geeky debauchery. We hope to see you there.

Sunday, September 15th, 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.: Kids SCIENCE Dojo! Kids Science Dojo at Denhac is a weekly science class designed for elementary through high school-aged kids. Students will be learning science topics through cooperative projects, lectures, and safe experiments. Attendees under the age of 13 are required to be accompanied by a designated guardian.

To help make a good class for both kids and their guardians as well as determining a good day and time for the class, our wonderful member and host Ashleigh has set up a couple of surveys. I encourage everyone who is considering the class at least read the description at the top of the Parents survey to give you information about Ashleigh and the class.


We will work together to learn more about gravity and encompass Universe Sandbox to run simulations that may be able to help everyone get an idea of how gravity works and why we continue to orbit the sun (and maybe just learn that to begin with)!

RSVP on Meet Up.

Sunday, September 15th, 12 p.m.: Young Marines Coder Dojo! Details coming soon.

Denhac is a non-profit organization that provides a variety of technology, art, DIY, and craft-related classes for all ages, and survives on donations and membership dues.  As with (almost) all Denhac classes, attendance is free of charge and membership is not required. Donations are strongly encouraged.

Come check us out! We’d love to meet you!!

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