We’re doing a little changing, rearranging and shuffling to our Sunday schedule so we have more room for activities! I don’t have all of the details yet but here’s what I can tell you for now:

  • This Sunday’s Kids Coder Dojo (9/8/13) has been cancelled. :(
  • Next Sunday (9/15/13) will be the Young Marines Coder Dojo. Details on this class are coming soon, I promise!
  • The following Sunday (9/22/13) will be the regular Kids Coder Dojo.
  • Starting this Sunday (9/8/13) we are adding the Kids SCIENCE Dojo at 11 a.m. This week’s topic is GEOLOGY with a field trip to the Gem, Mineral and Fossil show at the Denver Coliseum! 😀
  • The Coder Dojos (Young Marines and regular) will continue to alternate Sundays until further notice. We’ll try to get the Google Calendar updated as soon as possible to avoid any confusion.

To make up for the cancelled class, here’s a picture of a kitty to make it all better:


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