Shiny New Thing!

A few weeks back, we were contacted by a crew from SeeMeCNC Рa 3D printer and laser cutter company based out of Indiana Рletting us know they would be passing through Denver on their way to the Bay Area Maker Faire and asked if they could stop by and hang out with us for a few hours and show us their products.

Of course we said yes because Yay! Look! Shiny stuff! And then we invited all our friends.

Gang's All Here

We’ve got friends!

So Sunday this past, the guys pulled in late afternoon as promised and let us get our paws on equipment we’d never seen before.



And it was SO COOL! We ended up procuring one of their Rostock Max 3D printers for the space.


RF Modeling a 3D

RF Modeling a 3D Printed…um…thing

The bad news is they sell them in kits so it’s not quite ready for use. However, we’ve assembled a team of members together to work Sundays on this thing until it’s built. Hopefully it’ll be ready to take to Denver Comic Con in a couple of weeks. Regardless, it’ll be ready soon and then even more crazy 3D printing fun shall commence!

If you haven’t come by to check us out yet, perhaps this will be the push you needed to head in our direction.

Here’s a video Scott took of the machine in action.

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