OpenStack Installation Scripts

There are a few OpenStack installation guides available on the internet. One of the guides I’ve seen used the most is mseknibilel’s guide, which is available here. I followed this guide and it took me about 8 hours to get my setup up and running. I found that too much time was spent on troubleshooting issues due to entering everything by hand. Because of this I have created a set of scripts that can be used to setup a multi-node OpenStack test environment. This can be used as a basis for a small production setup. However it does not setup SSL encryption for any of the communication traffic. I plan to write a script in the future that will add SSL to a base install. There is also no support for High Availability. If you are looking to deploy a medium to large scale cluster then I suggest looking into a bare metal provisioning tool such as crowbar.

The scripts are currently split into five sections, which are detailed on the github page. It is setup with three different network architectures in mind:

  • 1NIC – A single network that everything is run through
  • 2NIC – One network for public network access and one for management and data
  • 3NIC – One network for public network access, one for management, and one for data

You should also be able to have anything from a single machine running everything to separate machines running as a controller, quantum server, glance server, cinder server, and compute nodes. It took me less than two hours to get my 4 node cluster up and running.

You can find the scripts here:

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