Yesterday afternoon, Denhac received some highly anticipated, fabulous news!

In the mail, there was a letter from the IRS…an official letter awarding us the highly coveted 501(c)(3) charitable organization designation. While Denhac has always been a not-for-profit organization, we’ve been subject to income and sales tax on our day-to-day operations. Early on, we joined with School Factory – an amazing organization created to support and organize spaces just like Denhac – who was able to help us receive tax deductible donations over $250…for a fee. We gladly accepted their help and are grateful for the support they’ve provided us during the first few years of existence.

But now! Now we are able to solicit and receive tax deductible donations ourselves. We are able to qualify for sales tax exemption. We are able to do so much more because we have been recognized as a legitimate charitable organization! This means that every penny we receive through member dues and donations goes right back into the space! It goes toward equipment, classes, and events. Every cent goes back to you guys…our community…in making Denhac even better.


Consequently, we’re in the mood to celebrate! And there seems to be no end to things we should celebrate lately…the 501(c)(3) designation, the new options for membership, the lack of snow predicted for this weekend, the start of spring and sunlit hours later. Pick a reason!


This Saturday, March 30, during open house from noon to 5, Denhac will throw open the bay door, let the spring air in, fire up the grill, and get our first grilled grub on of the season. We’ll have burgers, veggie burgers, dogs, chips, dips, and cookies plus the refrigerator will be stocked with condiments and drinks. Bring a dish if you’d like to contribute a BBQ party fave. Or don’t. We’ve got the basics covered.

Of course, donations are encouraged but not necessary.

What we really want is for you to come! We would sincerely just love to have you join the festivities around achieving this latest, greatest milestone.

So…come by! What are you waiting for?

I heart denhac

PS I’d like to apologize for my overuse of the exclamation point in this post. I am just so excited!!! Heh.

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