This Week at Denhac (Mar. 25-31)

After a snowy weekend filled with various cancellations, I, for one, am ready to get out of the house and get busy having more fun at Denhac! Spring needs to hurry up and get sprung already.

Tuesday, March 26, 8 p.m:  Weekly Open HouseRSVP on Meet Up. Note: Normally, this week would be our regularly scheduled board meeting but due to travel schedules and spring break, we elected to hold the board meeting via Google Hangout yesterday afternoon. I’ll have a BIG announcement to make about what came out of that meeting soon!

Thursday, March 28, 9 a.m. – 4 p.mWork from Denhac DayRSVP on Meet Up.

Friday, March 29, 7 p.m. – 10 p.m: CiGDA presents Game Graphics and the Open Web. From their Meet Up announcement:
(This presentation is being given by Hunter Trujillo)

Topics covered include:
Vector: SVG, Raphael
Bitmap: HTML5 Canvas
3D: WebGL, Three.js

In addition to graphics alone, a great deal about JavaScript development techniques and methodology will also be covered. RSVP on Meet Up.

Saturday, March 30, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m, in the classroom: Adult Firearm Safety with Chance Whaley. We are extremely fortunate to announce Chance Whaley, certified NRA Firearms Instructor, has agreed to teach this adults only (18+) class on the safe handling, storage, and care of a firearm. Participants are welcome to bring a personal firearm if they would like but it is not mandatory. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (I cannot stress this enough) do not bring a loaded firearm or live ammunition with you. Chance will totally check and there will be hell to pay if he finds any live rounds. There is a nominal fee of $20 to cover the cost of materials. RSVP on Meet Up.

Saturday, March 30, Noon – 5 p.m.: Open House

Unless otherwise noted, all classes and events are free and open to the public. Come check us out! We’d love to meet you!

And just because I can…our friends at NESIT Hackerspace in Connecticut uploaded a video to YouTube explaining the point of a Hackerspace. It’s so spot on, I wanted to share.

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