The Great Denhac Cleanup

Over the last couple of years, since Denhac moved into its current digs, we received a number of used hardware donations which quickly became towers of doom looming in the east side corner of the loft…most of it left to collect dust…forgotten – much of it obsolete -and unused.

Finally, as membership grew and the need for additional space for more stations arose, we looked toward that area and exclaimed, “Hey! Look at that pile ‘o stuff! If we could sort through it, auction off a bunch of it as a fundraiser, and organize it into more manageable piles, there’d be way more room! Room for MORE STUFF!” You know, more stuff in a good way.

If you recall then, Denhac hosted a Hackerspace Auction back in September after the first attempt at The Great Cleanup ensued.

And we got rid of A LOT of stuff.

The problem was that we still had stuff. Much more organized, to be sure, but still…stuff we weren’t using and probably weren’t going to use.

So! This last Saturday afternoon, several members convened to sort the rest of the stuff into 4 piles – keep, give away, recycle, throw away – and, everything in the “keep” pile is getting recorded into an actual inventory of equipment so we know what we have and what we need.


Eventually, this will hopefully free up enough room for two or three more stations to which this unburied equipment can be deployed.

But we’re not done.

So! Inventory and Organize Denhac Day: The Sequel has been scheduled for this coming Saturday afternoon after the Intro to Arduino class. We’re hoping to complete the final stages of de-cluttering, organizing, and logging of equipment during that time. Because, once we get everything sorted and then discarded or logged into inventory, we’ll be ready to start building new stations and, frankly, who doesn’t want new stations with new toys to play with?

So! If you’re in the area of Denhac on Saturday, or if you’re wandering aimlessly about town looking for something to do, or, worse, wandering aimlessly about your house, muttering to yourself about those darn kids and your lawn and suddenly realize you’ve become THAT guy and need to get out, stop by Denhac and lend us a hand. You could even come by and dig through another man’s trash looking for your treasure.

At the very least, come by, say hi, bring snacks.


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