Coming Up in February

Alrighty then! We’ve had a month to recover from the food and booze coma that is known as December and we at Denhac are ready to get down to business and fun with some learnin’, some socializin’, and some new projects. Check it out!

February special events / classes:

2/2: The space will be open to the public in the morning from 10 a.m. to noon while some special visitors from the Santa Fe Children’s Museum come check out ideas for setting up their own hacker/maker space.

2/5: Radio Heads – Tilver is starting a brand new group for people interested in radio…specifically Gnu Radio, ham radio, HF station installation, and radio modding. Get more information and RSVP on Meet Up.

2/9: Inventory Day – Members will be running around the space taking inventory, organizing equipment, and making wish lists for future purchases. An all member meeting will be held later that evening.

2/12: Locksport – Our monthly gathering of lock enthusiasts led by the infamous Legion. Never picked a lock and afraid to try? If I can do it, you can too!

2/13: CiGDA Hack Night – Colorado independent Game Developers Association monthly meet up. A casual meeting with no agenda. Come and hang out, bring your laptop to work on your game or get feedback on it. RSVP on the Meet Up event.

2/15: dc303 – I dunno exactly what they do. They’re very serious. They kinda scare me. Naw, they’re good guys. Uh…I think. Mostly. Tilver’s nice in any event. So if you’re interested in CTF type stuff, stop by. I’m fairly certain no one there has eaten a human liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. Uh…fairly certain.

2/16: Intro to Arduino – Our very own resident arduino guy, Acr0nym, is coming back to run his Intro to Arduino class. Even if you’ve been through the class before, it’s a great time to ask questions, work on solutions, or bring in your ideas for uses. For more information and to RSVP visit the Meet Up event.

2/22: A Night with A Jolly Corpse – Jesse Bull will tell us all kinds of awesome things that he and A Jolly Corpse ( are working on. Topics will include Wyv and Keep, Smashbox, co-op puzzle design, hyper small pixel art, and so on. There will be ample time for Q&A as well. Please RSVP on the CiGDA Meet Up event.

2/23: KVM Virtualization – Dan Kulinski has graciously agreed to stop by and give us a crash course on KVM (kernel-based virtual machine). More information about what to bring will be provided closer to the event. RSVP on the Meet Up event page.

Weekly events:

Every Monday: Usenet Theater Presents… A movie night where the movie is free and the floors ain’t sticky (we hope). Popcorn and soft drinks provided!

Every Tuesday: Open House. A night for members and non-members alike to come hang out with like-minded folk, take a tour, and find out what Denhac is all about.

Every Thursday: Work from Denhac Day. Do you work from home and need a break from your partner, your kid, your cat, and/or the deep, dark recesses of your idle mind? Come work at Denhac where there’s a water cooler and company but no cubicles or cats.


Hey! Got a class idea you want to teach at Denhac? Let us know!

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