December Events

Usenet Theatre Presents
Every Monday @ 7pm
Cheaper than the theater (as in free) and the floors aren’t sticky. (we hope)

Open House
Every Tuesday @ 8pm
Pop in, meet the members and get a tour of our space

Work from denhac
Every Thursday 9am – 4pm
Work remotely? Need a bit of human interaction? Grab your laptop and join us.

Guitar 101
Saturday, Dec 8th 12pm – 3pm
Ever wanted to learn how to play guitar but never had the money for
lessons or didn’t know where to start? No more excuses – Denhac member
Jason Simons will be giving an introductory guitar class at Denhac on
December 8th. He will be going over a quick history of the guitar, the
explanation of its parts and uses, and a primer on music theory and how
to start playing the guitar. You will learn simple major keys, major and
minor chords, and some technique. If there’s additional interest, Jason
will give free guitar lessons on a yet-to-be-determined basis.If you have a guitar that’s been laying around the house gathering dust,
clean it up and bring it! There will be 3 or 4 guitars for people to use
during the class, but there won’t be enough for everyone (hopefully)

Basics in Analog Electronics
Saturday, Dec 8th 4pm – 5pm
Return of a great lecture series with Dave Young.
Lecture 1:  The Basics. A Personified Approach to Voltage, Current, Resistance, Power, Resistors and Capacitors.LockSport w/ Legion
Tuesday, Dec 11 @ 8:00pm 
Learn physical security, lockpicking, and other interesting stuff. Come down and learn to pick! All skill levels welcome.

LulzBot demo
Tuesday, Dec 11 @ 8:30pm
This Loveland based company will be demoing their 3d printer. While denhac doesn’t officially endorse this printer, we don’t mind a sales pitch if 3d printing is invloved. 😉 Lulzbot.comdenhac Radio
Saturday, Dec 15th 2pm – 3pm
denhac has a new streaming station! Members – come learn to use the equipment and host your own show. Guests are welcome to attend and learn the tools and equipment

CiGDA hack night
Wednesday, Dec 19 @ 7:00pm
“This grass roots group is for independently minded Colorado game developers (artists, designers, coders, etc.) to meet for the purpose of learning and sharing information about independent game development (self-publishing, DIY, bootstrapping, resources, methods, etc.)” More info on their meetup page.

Board Meeting
Tuesday, Dec 18 @ 7:00pm

Friday, Dec 21 @ 7:00pm

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