Fun with Alginate, Plaster, and Silicone

We had an awesome turn out for last Saturday’s Mask Making class with Mar. About 25 people – members as well as some new faces – came out to learn how to create professional looking prosthetic face masks.

After removing the negative from her “victim”, Mar explains how the alginate picks up fine details of a person’s face and transfers them to the plaster mold.

Since there wasn’t time for everyone to cast a mask, Mar demonstrated the process of creating a negative of a willing victim’s (me, as it turns out) nose using alginate and plaster. She then asked for a volunteer to reverse the process on the negative to create the positive mold. By the way, when Mar says alginate is cold and smells funny? She isn’t kidding.







Afterward, she showed us how to pour silicone between the negative and positive plaster molds to cast my new nose prosthetic before letting us loose on painting the zombie mask she’d cast earlier of Sockwell’s face.   

Mar demonstrates how to hide tech and paint a freshly cast mask.


At the end of the afternoon, messes had been made, alginate and silicone paint were everywhere, and great fun was had by all.


Hopefully, we can convince Mar to do this class again and allot more time so we can all make a mask to take home.


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