DIY Day!

This Saturday, September 29th

12pm – 3:30pm:┬áHomemade trade!
Jam, Pickles, Sausage, Beer, whatever you’ve got. Bring something tasty and leave with something tasty.

In the classroom:
12pm: Intro to Arduino with Acr0nym
Learn to control LEDs, sounds, and well, anything really. If you don’t have an Arduino, we’ll have extra kits available for purchase.

1:30: Synthetic Biology in Your Basement

Kenneth Roberts is a former biology teacher, and the organizer of both the Colorado Transhumanism Interest Group, and the Colorado Bioinformatics and Genomics Interest Group. He is interested in increasing public awareness of the amazing new possibilities of do-it-yourself synthetic biology, which now make it possible for individuals to attack problems like curing cancer or slowing the aging process in low-cost biology labs that can be built in a basement

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