Because you need another black shirt…

The new denhac shirts just arrived! They’re super comfy Gildan lightweight tees. We’ll have them on sale at Geekshow tomorrow (Saturday) night for $15. Detailed screen print on front and blank back.

Here’s a dead sexy and oh-so-humble model showing off the design.
Still not convinced?
Check out these testimonials!

“My new denhac shirt let me get through TSA for the very first time. Thanks denhac!” – Jericho,

“The denhac shirt is the first to handle the industrial cleanup of my legendary messes.” – Chris “indi303″ Nickerson

“I put on a denhac shirt, and I instantly learned Python. It was like magic… sexy nerd magic” – Mar’s completely unbiased roommate

“Since I got my denhac T-shirt my life has fundamentally changed. Kids no longer call me n00b, my friends ask me to fix their computers, and my girlfriend agreed to dress up as slave Leia! “- A.P. Delchi

“Busy. What the fuck do you want? Uh… I’ll call you back.”



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