Cupcake Challenge 2012

Last year we participated in the Global Hackerspace Cupcake Challenge with our suspended Death Star cupcake. This year we attempted to top that with this ominous looking box:

What is it? It’s a portable hacker oven of course! (notice the connectors?) 😉 We shipped this little unit to FamiLab in Longwood, Florida. *fingers crossed* all the contents survived and we didn’t cause them to burn down their space.
It may look like a bomb, but inside the unit are all the ingredients needed to construct a delicious cupcake. No really!

Stringer meticulously loading the brownie syringe

It's alive!

Applying the frosting

If we’re lucky, Familab created something that looks like this. It’s delicious we swear!

We received Familab’s cupcake. Being a total makerbot nerd, I am impressed by their tiny laser cut “cupcake” container. 😀

Here’s our Familab unboxing video. Please excuse our “masterful” video making. We do in fact have heads IRL.

You can read more about Familab’s cupcake here.

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