All hail his noodly appendage!

So, I was going to do a long post about my new makerbot. Instead of blogging the long tedious assembly and troubleshooting, I’ll show you my first project with it. :-)

I found a flying spaghetti monster cookie cutter on thingiverse. The print turned out ok, but it had some gaps that food might get stuck in, so I opted to do something other than bake delicious gingerbread monsters.

How about a festive light up Spaghetti Monster? Yup!
I cannibalized a Christmas angel I found at Target for it’s juicy LED bits. and modded my little monster to fit the parts.

Cut out a little slot for the switch.

Slap some guts inside…

grabbed a cheap battery holder from radio shack

added googly eyes and a scrap of shiny vellum paper

And the results!

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